Humans Need Not Apply: 15 minute video destroys any hope that your job is safe from automation or will be replaced by a new one

Whether you work in a blue collar, white collar or creative job - the robots are coming for you. The people who say "people worried about that when the industrial revolution happened, but we just came up with new jobs are wrong (or just trying to make you feel better). 

This 15-minute video from CGP Grey explains the scope of the problem, why new jobs won't replace the old ones this time and why few if any jobs are actually safe from automation. The video (which I found because of VubblePop) is also two years old so the technology involved will have progressed considerably since it was made. Despite that, it is still a good wake-up call for people who are still oblivious or in denial about the robotics revolution and what it could mean for modern economies and societies.

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