Update: Take 2

I created this and then sort of abandoned it, both because I got busy with other projects and because I was having a hard time keeping up and decided what to write about. The rise of robotics and artificial intelligence which was largely the stuff of science fiction just a decade ago is now in full swing - with new developments occurring on an almost daily basis.

It is now automation, not China or Mexico that is taking us manufacturing jobs. Driving jobs, from the 3.5 million US trucking jobs to the gig economy Uber jobs are likely the next to fall.  Amazon has opened the first automated grocery stores, which may require as few as six human employees. Additionally, jobs once thought 'safe' from automation including doctors, lawyers and managers are under threat from artificial intelligence.

So, I will try to start posting more regularly here with new breakthroughs but much of the time I may focus instead on specific industries and how they are likely to fare.

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